Listening to Magic of Making Up

One of the common complaints people have about their partner is that the person does not listen to them.  Perhaps they are distracted, uninterested or just waiting for their other half to stop talking so they can say whatever it is they want say.  This is not a formula for effective interpersonal communication and can make a girlfriend into an ex-girlfriend. Part of being a couple is being interested in one another and interested in what the other has to say, but there is more to it. Knowing when to listen, when to offer advice, or when to ask a question, these are all part of talking to your ex. Knowing your ex is part of the Magic of Making Up, is part of getting your ex back into your life. This should not be too hard assuming you had a reasonably healthy relationship the first time around.  However, most of us have plenty of room for improvement and sharpening your listening skills can only help your chances of getting and keeping your ex.

Stopping a Breakup with Magic of Making Up

If possession is nine tenths of the law than it stands to reason that it would be easier to stop a relationship from breaking up than to try to put it back together after a breakup. It is like the difference between preventative care and waiting to treat someone only after they develop a full-blown illness. You and your partner already have a history together and presumably shared interests, commitments and values. These are all things you can use to redouble your efforts before the relationship breaks up. It is important to get a handle on why your relationship is in trouble, but this is not about a blame game, it is about confronting your partner and your issues. The Magic of Making Up review encourages you to take a no excuses attitude, to work the problem, instead of allowing yourself to be distracted by side issues. Remind her why you were a couple in the first place.

Some Don’ts and Magic of Making Up

When the relationship was fresh and new it was not burdened by baggage that builds up over time. Being able to recapture the connection you shared early on would be a big step in the right direction. The last thing you want to do when you are trying to get your ex back is to dig yourself into a deeper hole. Don’t antagonize your ex with immature displays and emotional outbursts. Your goal is to remind her why you were good together, not give her new reasons to want to remain apart. Magic of Making Up tells you to write her a heartfelt letter making your case with clarity, but don’t whine and complain about everything or you might convince her to stay your ex instead of winning her back.  Don’t show up at her job or her friend’s house because you just happened to be passing by – you want to be her boyfriend again, not auditioning for stalker. In general, just don’t annoy her with clinging behaviors that will push her away.

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